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SO EASY RIDER Is Cool Naked Full Box Telefon-Schutzhülle

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Protects the smartphone’s battery and maintains it at the right operating temperature up to 40°C thanks to its built-in ventilation system.


Everything is there ! 3 different handlebar mounts are supplied with the SO EASY RIDER cover, which is universal, accepting all smartphone sizes.


During the summer, smartphones are exposed to the sun's UV rays. These rays create an accumulation of heat and gas in the smartphone's battery. In some extreme cases, the smartphone can no longer work and displays a message asking the user to cool his device to continue to use it. The battery wears out quickly and can cause irreparable damage to the phone. IS COOL allows the battery to maintain the perfect operating temperature and preserve the life of the phone.


Constant airflow is generated by 2 powerful fans. A fan brings in the air inside and the second flushes stagnant hot air. A real vortex is created and the smartphone can not overheat.

SO EASY RIDER IS COOL is permanently connected to the supplied USB charger.

The installation is done in just a few minutes.

3 mounts included in the box 100% of the handlebars are compatible with SO EASY RIDER.


The new mount, the ARKON USA T-Slot System is part of our 2019 range. A robust system very easy to use everyday.


Good to know :


The entire SO EASY RIDER range is compatible with RAM MOUNT products.